1.1.2020 Happy New Year everybody! And thank you all my wonderful customers.

The postal strike is over!

24.11. Sunday. About the past 2 weeks. The postal strike.

The postal packages have travelled quite well here in Finland despite the strike, only 1-3 days delay. About letters I can not say anything. IF there will be supportive strikes by the tranport branch, then the export packages might be delayed too but let’s see. The parties are negotiating almost 24/7 now.

14.11.2019 The postal strike here in Finland started on Monday this week. It does not affect the package deliveries as much as it does the letter-sized deliveries. So, feel free to place an order. We send all orders on the same day or the following one. The package deliveries might have a delay of 1-3 days maybe. The letter sized deliveries are more affected by the strike, of the delivery time of letters we can not say anything unfortunately. They might come through with some delay or be delayed a lot.

Most of our goods travel in packages. Only a couple of products, like the Finnish Nightmares -calendar and the plywood puzzles and a few others, are sent as letters, in case you order only those. You can also choose the package delivery or contact us (the comment field is at the cashier) to choose Matkahuolto if you like.