Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery

The products of Pappaspocket webshop are sold by Tmi Isoisän Puulelut Heidi Hallikainen, VAT identification number 1458611-0.

You have to be 18 years or older to purchase online. A customer outside EU is responsible for customs duties and VAT´s. We reserve the right to change the prices and postages. We reserve the right not to sell to a customer constantly returning orders. We use recycled packages.


The products are ordered through a shopping cart. Fill in all your information carefully. Please note to fill in all the sections and agree with the terms of delivery to proceed. After filling in the information the system will direct you to pay your order. You can do that only with online banking account. The information of the package’s arrival will come to the customer as a text message and when your order has been delivered Ihanaiset customer service will send a new confirmation which has also the package tracking code. The latter will come as an e-mail. The customer is responsible for the correct information on the order so that the order can be delivered successfully. The products that are ordered as letter sized packages will be delivered straight to the customer’s mailbox. The products ordered as letter sized packages can’t be tracked.

All the orders will be confirmed with an email, in which the order’s price, shipping charges and the ordered products will be stated. To receive a confirmation of the delivery you must state your e-mail address on your order.

If you don’t have an online banking account you can also make the order via e-mail. Send us the following information: name, address, phone number, e-mail address and the codes of the products you want to order. We will make the order manually and send the check into your e-mail. Your order will be delivered when the payment is on our account. We don’t send orders by cash on delivery.

The customer commits to all the terms of delivery applying at the time of the order.

Payment methods

Products and their postages are paid during the ordering. In the online store following payment methods are possible: Osuuspankki, Sampo, Tapiola, Aktia, Nooa, Paikallisosuuspankkis, Säästöpankkis, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, Nordea, S-Pankki and credit cards.  The payment happens through Paytrail Oyj’s (VAT identification number 2122839-7) website

Payments by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cards.

When paying by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, Tmi Isoisän Puulelut business serves solely as a marketer of the products and services along with delivering the products to the customer. Paytrail Oyj responds for reclamations.

Paytrail Oyj acts as the vendor of the product in payments made by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard and the trade happens between the customer and Paytrail Oyj. The vendor is responsible for all the obligations related to the trade. Paytrail Oyj is also the receiver of the payment.

Paytrail Oyj,  VAT identification number 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä


Phone: 0207 181830

Web: Paytrail.com

Online bank services

The payment transferring services related to the online bank paying is executed by Paytrail Oyj in co-operation with finnish banks and credit institutions. For the user the service works just like a traditional online paying service.

The delivery time

We deliver the products to the customer as fast as possible, at least in a week. If your order is urgent, we would ask you to inform our customer service about it isoisanpuulelut@co.inet.fi . If the product for some reason runs out of stock we will inform the customer immediately. Some products have a longer delivery time, in which case the customer has a right to change the product to another product or get the money back unless the customer wants to wait for their product.

Delivery method and charges

Finland area

Delivery methods Price (€) Delivery time
Letter sized package to Finland * 2,50 2-4 days
Package on Post / Smartpost 8,00 1-4 days
 Pick-up from the warehouse  0,00
Order value over 100€ 0,00 1-4 days
Other countries
 Price (€)  Delivery time
 Letter sized delivery, economy (1-3 products)*  4,00
 Small parcel max 2kg 8,00
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Åland 20,00 2-6 days
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany 20,00 2-6 days
The rest of the EU 20,00 4-8 days
The rest of the world (inc. insurance) 20,00 7-18 days

*The letter sized packages (smaller products) choose this on the checkout only if it says so on the product.

The delivery charges include the packing and delivery charges. If the customer has chosen package delivery and the order can be delivered as a letter, we will deliver it as a letter. The customer can demand the difference from our customer service if they so desire. The package can be tracked with a delivery identifier. You can choose the delivery method on the shopping cart. If you have chosen the letter delivery but your product has to be delivered as a package due to its size or weight we will collect the difference through e-mail before delivering the product.

The delivery can be tracked with a tracking number if you have chosen Post/SmartPost delivery. We will send you an email which contains the tracking number. Follow the delivery of the package:


Pick up from the warehouse:

You can also pick up your order from the warehouse. The address is: Masonrinne 7, 40520 Jyväskylä. Please call us 040-5744234 or send us email isoisanpuulelut@co.inet.fi beforehand.

Gift orders: We can deliver your order to another address as a gift. While ordering you can write the contact details of the receiver of the gift on the shopping cart. This is free of charge and we deliver the gift orders without the price information of the orders.

Terms of exchange and return

According to Finnish law of consumer protection act the customer has the exhange and return right of 14 days. The right to return only goes for products that are in their original packaging, unused and vendible. The products ordered as letters are returned as letters and the real expenses caused by returning will be refunded to the customer completely. Before returning contact us via e-mail isoisanpuulelut@co.inet.fi. If you want to return only some of the products we will not pay back the delivery charges.

We will not receive returns 14 days after the return notification. When the return is accepted the money will be returned to your account after receiving and handling the return. We do not claim cash on delivery returns. The return is always free when a return notification has been done to our customer service. Please notice! If the package is returned to us unclaimed we will collect the normal delivery charge again to expenses.  If the package is returned to us unclaimed we will collect 10,00€ for the return handling expenses. This charge includes the real expences caused by the return and the working hours spent on finding out the owner of the package. So always contact our customer service about the return so that the returning is free. If you haven’t received information about the order from Post make a reclamation to them. If the information you have filled in on the order has been correct Posti is obliged to deliver the order again with out expenses.

Customers outside of Finland have return right of 14 days but not the free return. Returning costs will be paid by the customer.

Problems with transportation and products with flaws

If the product has disappeared, been flawed or a wrong product has been delivered to the customer, nofity immediately isoisanpuulelut@co.inet.fi. The reclamation right is 6 months in utensils. The reclamation right applies for products with clear manufacturing flaws. Any wearing or breaking caused by usage will not be compensated. If you have something to ask about your product, please contact us.

An announcement of an incorrect delivery or flawed product must be done within 14 days from receiving the product. If the package has been damaged on the post a reclamation must also be made to the post immediately. We have an insurance for orders outside EU for up to 1680€.

Other information

We reserve the right to change our terms of delivery. Before ordering the customer must read the terms and conditions applying at the time of the order.

Tmi Isoisän Puulelut Heidi Hallikainen/Pappaspocket handles all the customer information confidentially.

Tmi Isoisän Puulelut Heidi Hallikainen/Pappaspocket commits to not handing over customer information to a third party.

Privacy policy of Personal Data Act(523/99) 10§

Register holder
Name: Tmi Isoisän Puulelut Heidi Hallikainen

Contact information: info@isoisanpuulelut.fi

Person in charge of the register
Heidi Hallikainen, info@isoisanpuulelut.fi

The name of the register
Pappaspocket (online store)

The purpose of processing personal data
The register is used to keep up  the customer relations, customer communication and marketing. The information on the register is used for Pappaspocket´s own direct marketing if the customer hasn’t denied the direct marketing. Pappaspocket uses these and other information gained during the customer communication to the planning of the product and service supply and to targetting of the supply.

Information contents of the register
– Customer’s contact information and the information enabling the order: surname, first names, street address, postal code, postal area, cellphone number and e-mail address. Possible denial of sending direct marketing to the customer. Possible permission on electronic direct marketing. Indetification information (username) of a customer who has registered in Pappaspocket online store.

– Information about the orders, deliveries and returns of a customer.

Regular information sources
Connection and customer information of the register are gained when the customer connection is born and during it from the announcements a customer has made to the register holder. A customer connection is born when a customer creates an account to the online store or orders a product.

Direct marketing refusal is stored based on a customer’s separate notice. For electronic direct marketing (e-mail) a customer will be asked a permission separately according to Privacy policy of Personal Data Act.

Regular information admitions
We do not hand out information from the customer register.

Principles of the protection of the register
Manual material is stored in a locked space and the access is granted only to authorised personnel. Access to the customer register is granted  to Tmi Isoisän Puulelut personnel, who have the admin’s account to the service pappaspocket.fi. Access to the adminstration is protected with a username and a password. Information is passed or given to an outsider party only according to the law based on reporting obligation such as a customer’s own request or a request based on an official law.