Matchbox Icebreaker Snow


Matchbox Icebreaker Snow, with 2 boxes of matches. Size: 10,3x5x2cm. Free engraving!

Free engraving

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Icebreaker Snow is a creation of sea captain Teemu Leppälä. He created Icebreaker Snow when working on Sisu, a real Finnish icebreaker in 2012. Together with illustrator Petri Kantoniemi he has written 3 books and the fourth is on the way. This book series has been published in Finland, China and India. An animated series in being made and there is going to be lots of licensed  products, too, very soon, eg toys and games. Do come and follow the adventures of Icebreaker Snow and his friends!

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Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2.5 cm