Finnish Nightmares -wall calendar 2023 (special price + fridge magnet, free gift)


Finnish Nightmares -wall calendars have been a huge success in the previous years. An ideal gift for your friends abroad, too.

Finnish Nightmares -wall calendar 2023, printed in Finland.

The texts, eg months and weekdays are in Finnish and English.

Finnish Flag days and national holidays

Handy size: 23x23cm.

Check out the wooden Finnish Nightmares -items, special prices for all! Do check also the Finnish Nightmares -books, available at us.

1-2 pcs can be sent as a letter sized delivery. Do choose a wooden fridge magnet together with the calendar, with a special price (made in Finland like the calendar).

In stock

Finnish Nightmares -magnet, square

Want to get a Finnish Nightmares -fridge magnet together with the calendar? (square shape)

Finnish Nightmares -magnet, heart

Want to get a Finnish Nightmares -magnet together with the calendar? (heart shape)


Stay tuned with poor Matti all year round.

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Dimensions 23 × 23 × 1 cm